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Welcome to Dogs In Sync

Would you like to give your dog the highest quality diet, the most natural treatments, the best possible chance of a long and healthy life? Well you have come to right place! Welcome to Dogs In Sync. 


The name Dogs In Sync came from our desire to offer pet owners an overall health package based on a fresh wholefood diet, natural remedies & supplements and physical therapies such as massage to ensure your dog is thriving and everything is “In Sync”. What’s in our products? Years of education, experience, the best possible ingredients we can source and plenty of love!


Dogs In Sync offers the complete care package. Not only the highest quality dog foods and products but access to one-on-one consultations, group workshops, massage therapy and herbal medicines.


We aim to optimise your dog’s health…. naturally.


Why are Dogs In Sync Treats better?

Australian Made Dog Food

What our customers say


Bijou Hamilton & Human Mum Di,


" Hi my Name Is Bijou Hamilton & this is my Human Mum Di - I just wanted to tell you about how grateful we both are to a wonderful lady called Kelly Peacock from Dogs In Sync.

My Mum was so worried about my health when she first rescued me - I had a pretty poor start diet wise & I was struggling with various diet related issues 😐 lucky for us Kelly and her huge caring heart and wonderful products & my Mum’s persistence in finding the right diet for me is why I’m sending in this testimonial to say a great big thank you to Kelly and to recommend her to everyone ( like my Mum does 😂) "

Natural Dog Food
Healthy food for dogs



"This is my gorgeous boy, 14 yr old Dozer . He has benefited enormously from regular massages at home by Kelly- her healing touch helps relax his arthritic body . We use a wide range of her products . Helen 👌"

Dog Treats

Nicola Adderson (RVN and canine hydro-therapist),


"After my dog's cancer diagnosis I turned to raw feeding and was lucky enough to find Kelly from Dogs In Sync who taught me so much. Kelly was always there helping me with herbal medicines to help with her chemo treatment. I have all my dogs on raw and can't thank Kelly enough for everything she has done - Nicola"

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