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Any posts, advice or information contained on Dogs In Sync's website and associated social media sites are not intended to substitute for the individual professional advice of a veterinarian.

Dogs In Sync is committed to the health of domestic dogs though the sale of nutritional and healthy dog treats. We make every effort to ensure accuracy, currency and consistency of all information contained within our website, associated social media pages, newsletters and any documents. 

This website is for general information only. While articles on nutrition and dog related topics are shown on this website it is not possible to provide accurate advice on every dog’s diet. If you have specific questions about your dog’s health or specialised dietary needs we recommend that you consult your vet.

Dogs In Sync accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the information contained on this website and persons relying on this information do so at their own risk.

Links to all external websites located on the Dogs In Sync website are provided for your information and to provide proper citation to any articles quoted. All external websites, including their associated information and documents, are listed for the interest and convenience of the user and are the responsibility of the creators of those websites, not this site. Dogs In Sync has no control over the content on any of these sites, and so it is the user’s responsibility to make their own decisions about the relevance, accuracy and reliability of information located on all external sites.

Use of the information on this website assumes your acknowledgement and acceptance of this disclaimer.

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