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What is Raw Feeding?

The philosophy behind raw feeding is that the dog’s diet should be based on what dogs and their ancestors have eaten over the evolution of time, long before commercial pet food became available. This is known as a BARF diet (biologically appropriate raw food) and these natural, wholefood ingredients will help ensure your dog is getting the best quality vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to keep them fit and healthy.


To quote one of our favourite authors, Dr Conor Brady:

“Imagine for a second a diet that accommodates all of the body’s needs throughout the year. One that you can tweak as you see fit, as life throws out its stumbling blocks, one that is not only beautifully simple, fresh and nutrient dense but also, enjoyable to prepare and so extremely palatable for your best friend that he risks dislocating his butt from excessive tail wagging. A diet free of chemical adulterants and made from local ingredients, maybe even, dare we hope, from more ethically treated animals?… Doesn’t this sound like something you should at least try for a few weeks before making up your own mind?”1 (Brady 2020, p.418)


1 Brady, C 2020, Feeding Dogs: The Science Behind The Dry Versus Raw Debate, Farrow Road Publishing

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