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Why should I feed raw?

Dogs are physiologically designed to eat raw food and feeding them their natural,

ancestral diet will result in many of the benefits below and ensure they are thriving,

on the inside & out!

dog weight gain

Unlike humans, dogs metabolise their energy from fat rather than carbohydrates

Diets heavy with carbohydrates spike energy levels and then leave them tired shortly after, whereas a raw diet containing high quality animal fats aids in stabilising clean and consistent energy levels.

how to get my dogs coat shiny

A shiny, lustrous coat

One of the first changes you will see when switching to a raw diet is the improvement of your dog's coat. Protein and fat are essential for this. Highly processed, carbohydrate-laden food simply does not contain enough quality protein and fat to nourish the skin and promote a thick glossy coat.

how to look after my dogs teeth

Improved Oral Health

Raw food does not contain processed starches and fats, which is what sticks to your dog’s teeth and causes tartar and plaque build-up. Raw meat contains enzymes that break it down so it does not stick to teeth and we all know how well the abrasive action of chewing a nice meaty bone can clean your dog’s teeth! The addition of organic kelp powder to your dog's diet may aid in the elimination and prevention of tartar build-up, which results in cleaner teeth, healthy gums and better breath.

how to keep my dog fit

Improved weight control & muscle tone

High protein raw food maintains lean body mass which is an excellent ‘operating system’ for dogs as this encourages preference of fat loss over other energy sources. Raw feeding keeps the metabolism at a steady rate and allows the digestive system to function as it is designed to, so the food doesn’t rush through the system. This helps to maintain a healthy weight and a lean, toned physique.

is my dogs poo normal

Nice poos

Stools are firmer, dryer and smaller, as well as being less smelly, because the majority of food is being completely digested and utilised by the body. Highly processed dog foods contain unnecessary fillers that are excreted in the form of large smelly poos. A raw diet also decreases the incidence and severity of flatulence!

can I feed my dog fruit and vegetables

Improved Nutrition

Raw food retains all the natural amino acids, pre and probiotics, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, bioflavonoids, antioxidants plus more. Some of these are ‘added back into’ processed dog foods in a synthetic form, however nutrients derived from natural whole foods are much more potent and highly digestible than a manufactured alternative.

dog gut health

Gut Health

The dog’s gut is often said to be the foundation of health and the beneficial bacteria found in raw food ensures the overall terrain inside the body is inhospitable to pathogens and harmful bacteria whilst promoting strong immune function and optimal health.

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What is best for YOUR dog

Raw, freeze-dried, cooked, homemade, or perhaps a combination of them all… the choice is up to you.  Try different diets and observe your own dog with an open mind, staying alert to any improvement or decline in condition.


The main thing is to ensure you know what is in your pet food, where it has come from, and buy the best quality food you can afford. This will invariably result in a happier, healthier dog and less visits to the vet.

raw food for dogs
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