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About Us

Dogs In Sync was founded by Kelly Peacock in 2016 and inspired by a very special Border Collie called Sonny.


Sonny was only 11 months old when he was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy in 2012. “At that point I knew nothing about ‘alternative diets’ or ‘natural remedies’ for dogs. What I knew was that I wanted Sonny to have the best quality of life possible, however long that was to be, and to only turn to prescription anti-epilepsy medication, with its potential side effects, as a last resort.”


This desire to help Sonny led Kelly on a journey of education, undertaking a range of studies which gave her the knowledge and passion to change Sonny’s and her life.


With qualifications in canine massage, nutrition and herbal medicine under her belt, and Sonny thriving on his raw food diet, coupled with herbal medicines, natural supplements and regular massage, Kelly knew that she wanted to help other dog owners who might be dealing with chronic disease and other physical or behavioural issues in their dogs. So, Kelly put her heart and soul into creating Dogs In Sync, a business focused entirely on the health and well-being of canines. She continues to study and ensures she is abreast of the latest research and products in the dog health category.


“Dog owners are becoming increasingly invested in the health of their pets. They are savvy, questioning and well-researched, and they are looking for more natural and healthy alternatives to what was the norm in the past. A huge amount of benefits can be achieved simply by changing or adding things to the dog’s diet. We like to say that it is an exciting time to be a part of the Raw Food Revolution!”


Sadly, in 2021 Sonny passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from Hemangiosarcoma, which was only discovered on the day he died. “He was loved beyond words and lived a very full, happy and healthful life right up until his last day, so for we that we are grateful.”


“Who we are and what we do is because of Sonny. It always has been and always will be."




  • Certificate in Canine Myofunctional Therapy
    National College of Traditional Medicine

  • Diploma in Canine Health & Nutrition (Distinction)
    British College of Canine Studies  

  • Certification in Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine
    College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies

  • Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist DNM University

Kelly peacock

To help raise money for Canine Welfare organisations, purchase your very own

"A Tea For Sonny". 

$10 from every tea

sale will be donated to

Canine Welfare organisations.

Canine Welfare Fund Raising
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